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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Truffle Scrambled Eggs

All this internet chit-chat about murder, theft and French truffles has made me hungry for one of my favorite winter dishes. Just thinking about these creamy scrambled eggs infused with truffle makes my toes curl with happiness.

Nothing says New Years Day brunch like Truffle scrambled eggs and Champagne
Eggs and truffles have a natural affinity. It is no coincidence that truffles are often stored with eggs, as the porous shell allows the eggs to become infused with their musky, seductive scent.

White Truffle from my Italian Grocer's cousin in Piedmont
If it were Wednesday and we were at our Knights Templar Tower in Excideuil, the stone hall (specially built for Truffle sales) at the Wednesday market would be bustling with Truffle hunters displaying, comparing and selling their wares to eager Truffle eaters.

This lovely specimen only set me back 50 Euros
But, we're not. So instead I head over to my favorite Italian grocer at the Marché des Enfants Rouge and buy one of the white truffles flown in regularly by a cousin who forages the foot hills somewhere in Piedmont, Italy. 
M. Henri forages for the black gold in the campagne of Excideuil
If you have the time and the inclination put the truffle, along with as many eggs as you plan on using, in a glass, china or metal container with a lid.  Leave them out of the fridge (but someplace cool) overnight before preparing the most delicious scramble you'll ever eat.

Now, here's how you can make Truffle Scrambled Eggs:

Chocolate shavers can come in very handy
A bain-marie (double boiler)
1  12 inch skillet or shallow bowl
1  pot for water where the skillet or bowl will sit above the water, not in it

INGREDIENTS: this is per person
2  Fresh eggs (preferably free range, organic)
1  Generous Tablespoon creme fraiche at room temperature
1  Tablespoon sweet butter
1/4 - 1/2  Tsp Truffle shavings
salt & pepper to taste


Shave 2 perfect slices of truffle per person for garnish and set aside
Slice two ‘imperfect slices’ per person into slivers, then stir into the creme fraiche along with any broken bits. Set aside.

Scramble the eggs until well blended, light and airy.
Add a dash of salt and pepper
Melt the butter in the bain-marie, skillet or bowl over SIMMERING water (this is crucial)

Using a tilting motion, coat the surface of the bain-marie, skillet or bowl with the melted butter.
Add the eggs.  Stir constantly using a spatula.
When the eggs begin to thicken, add the truffled creme fraiche.
Stir well to blend completely.  Continue stirring until thickened to a thick, custard like consistency.  These eggs will be quite creamy. 

On warmed plates with brioche or levain toast, garnish each serving with the 2 perfect slices of truffle and a nice twist of fresh ground pepper. (a little chive makes a nice garnish as well)

A nice green salad dressed with a light red wine & shallot vinaigrette is the perfect accompaniment, and Brut Champagne, the perfect beverage.

One last thing... Don't blame me if you too become truffle obsessed because of this simple but oh so delicious dish.  I warned you!

Happy New Year and
a bientot,
Marie Z


Gail Casale said...

They look delicious! Thanks for the demonstration.

Anonymous said...

Looks Great - Can you FEDEX a warm plate of that to us - J & B in CV

Zabie aka "Marie" said...

Don't think those eggs would look or taste as good by the time they arrived in Carmel Valley.. lol.. but how cool would that be if I could!

Hey Gail... anytime, but I prefer in person demos... just sayin' :-)