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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lavender for Christmas

Every winter Paris sprouts entire villages of small cabins (meant to look like quaint chalets) filled with all sorts of stuff destined to become someones gift under the tree.  There are hot wine vendors to fend off the cold (and presumably any purchasing inhibitions one might have) who also serve up the 13 traditional Christmas desserts from Provence for the curious. There is also more stuff from China than you can shake a stick at.  I generally avoid these sorts of markets, though I must admit that the lights and colors do have a certain charm from a distance.

So the other day, while out braving the weather with a couple of friends over by the ancient and beautiful Eglise St Germain des Pres, we could not avoid the dozens of ubiquitous holiday chalets lining the boulevard. Barely glancing at the offerings, we walked on by - then stopped, as if by magic - at the one stand featuring hand crafted objects made in in France.

Dozens of beautiful rattle shaped and round, ribbon woven lavender filled treasures fill this gift chalet. Each one unique, each one made by weaving a bundle of dried lavender flowers into the attached stems secured by the loveliest of ribbons in dozens of patterns and colors.

Mr. Franc began his company 6 years ago, after falling in love with the charming 300 year old Mediterranean tradition of welcoming visitors with these intricately woven, sweet smelling 'hearts' - a gift of time and place to take back home as a reminder of the warm welcome and time spent with friends.

According to the Provence Lavande website,  custom orders are available for weddings and other special events.  You can pick the size, color and ribbon (they will even create a ribbon in the color and design of your choosing) to personalize your Hearts of Lavender sachets.

My friends and I each bought some, they are far to lovely to ignore.  Gifts for friends?  Perhaps...  mine may never go further than my desk top.  Though now that I know where they are for the next few weeks, I may have to pay Mr. Franc another visit.

Perhaps I'll see you there?

A bientot,
Marie Z

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Whole Wife Journal said...

These are fabulous! How fun, so PRETTY, healing, grounding..all things we need more of! And simple, earthy! What a great story Marie. Just what I love about travel--these kind of things. I wish you all a wonderful holiday ~~Martha

Zabie aka "Marie" said...

Thankyou Martha...
I came home with several, and am enjoying the wonderful, summery scent of lavender...
Happy Holidays to you and yours as well...